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Cold room design

Our cold rooms are a result of meticulous planning and designing in order to meet your special criteria and unique specifications required for your product storage.

Cold room design requires expertise and specialization since the whole process involves varied operating functionalities and techniques. The decisions involved in the cold room designing process pertain to several types of equipment, systems and materials, each with its exclusive construction, fitting and assembly guidelines.

Also the purpose for which the cold room is being designed is very important. Therefore, each cold room design requires a distinctive planning of functionality and services required to meet the desired performance. We address some of the following questions before embarking on the designing process:

  • What is the essential footprint of the cold room?
  • How will the cold room be used?
  • What range of temperatures needs to be maintained and how rapidly they must be achieved?
  • What about the humidity factor?
  • How much refrigeration load should the cold room withstand?
  • How frequently will the door be opened?
  • How critical is the cold room? Will it need standby power?

Once all these questions are answered we design a customised cold-room solution that meets your expectations in the best possible manner.